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ACF Program 1 – Home Edition EN


OBJECTIVE: a programme (present card plus future updates every 6-8 weeks) designed for women’s wellbeing through targeted and comprehensive work.

FOCUS: body composition remodelling through 2 workouts aimed at stimulating lean mass + 1 metabolic circuit

KIT NEEDED FOR WORKOUTS AT HOME: open or closed elastic bands (preferably with different levels of resistance) and, in the absence of dumbbells, discs or barbells, any other load that can be used (ankle straps, water crates or single bottles are also fine for starters)

PDF MATERIAL: by e-mail and in your account profile you will find links to download the following pdf files:

  1. Before you start
  2. Check and Feedback
  3. Training Guide
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. “ACF Program 2 – Gym Edition” interactive sheet
  6. My Progress

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To whom is this programming recommended? To all women and girls who wish to train independently from home, but with the security of always having at their base a correct workout, designed and programmed for female well-being. Training with a specific workout schedule is in fact the first and indispensable step towards achieving the desired results! Take this opportunity and don’t put off your appointment with yourself: join the ACF Program now, I’m waiting for you!


What are the recommended steps to get started? In addition to the training sheet, once you have purchased the programme, you will receive by e-mail (or you can download them in your account profile on this website) all the training pdfs. As a first step, I strongly advise you to read them very carefully and, only once you have learnt them properly, to start training. In fact, without having read the training first, it may be difficult to understand the terminology used in the sheet and consequently to understand how best to perform it to obtain your results.